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Combat aircraft for the future

Fremtidens jagerflyF-35 Lightning II is the combat aircraft for the future. It`s among the most advanced and complex combat aircraft the world has seen. It`s perhaps only big brother F-22 Raptor that exceeds the plane’s advanced features. The two fighters have close family ties; they come from the same factory (Lockheed Martin), they are the first fighter aircrafts in the world with stealth characteristics, and they share many technological qualities.

It is no coincidence that the two planes are so similar. Lockheed Martin has done what is possible to keep development costs down. Then it has been natural to develop the younger brother in the image of F-22 Raptor. The U.S. government has placed great demands on low costs. F-35 should be “affordable.” Military products have had inflation unparalleled by anything. Now the U.S. government has put its foot down, inflation must come down. F-35 shall have and affordable price.Fremtidens jagerfly


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