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The secret stealth technology

As mentioned before, the Stealth is not invisible. It is possible to discover an aircraft holding stealth-capacities on radar, however, from some angles this aircraft is highly difficult to spot. In addition, stealth-technology covers so much more than just making aircrafts difficult to spot on radar, even though this part of the technology has been awarded with the highest level of attention. There exist several other methods for discovering an aircraft in addition to the radar. The definition of stealth is a gathering of techniques that will make an aircraft very difficult to discover and reveal. It`s not aircrafts alone that one wishes to provide with stealth capacities; missiles, ships, vessels and additional combat equipment is in the process of becoming stealthy.

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If an aircraft is to own stealth-capacities, signatures such as visual, thermal, acoustic and radar signals have to be reduced. In addition to these, there are more signatures to consider, those mentioned being the most important. In addition, stealth covers factors such as tactics, procedures and making use of the environments. For instance, one has to take into consideration the radars of the hostile. One avoids flying straight in the direction of a radar station, trying to keep within a distance making it impossible for the radar to discover the aircraft. Because the unquestionable fact is, the aircraft is not invisible!


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