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F-35 Lightning II

Boken om F-35 Lightning IIEvery pilot of a fighter jet know that the air combat will be won according to level of modern technology one is equipped with, in advantage on line with or superior to the technology the opponent himself is surrounded by.

Should one remove only one important element from the air fighter, the probability of losing combat heightens dramatically. Ever since the Gulf War, the combats have been fought with air-to air missiles, not by the aircrafts themselves.

The classical combat where the target is to close in on the tale of the enemy`s aircraft, then to eliminate it with shooting it down with canons, are rarely carried through in today`s air combats. The fighter pilots are in lack of managing to outmanoeuvre modern missiles attacking with more than twice the speed of sound, these missiles managing to endure strain up to 60 G in sharp and sudden manoeuvres.

Most pilots work under conditions between Mach 0, 8 and 1, 2 during air combat, limiting their manoeuvres to 9 G. Good missiles alone are not enough to end up superior in war.

A detailed overlook on the situation is just as important, something given to the pilot by equipment such as the radar, infrared sensors and vital information from allied forces, communicating through data link.



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