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The Jet engine

F-35 jetmotorenThe F-35 Lightning II will be equipped with the most powerful jet engine ever to be developed for a single engine fighter. Two engine alternatives for the F-35 are being developed; one with the name F135, produced by Pratt & Whitney, while the second engine, F136, is being coproduced by the two engine fabricants General Electric and Rolls- Royce, the pair of them known as “Fighter Engine Team”.

The F-135 is a further development of the F-11 9, a jet engine currently at use in the F-22 Raptor. In using afterburner, the F-11 9 pushes 35,000 pounds of thrust, about 5000 pounds less than the engine found in the F-35 Lightning II. In having two engines.F-35 jetmotoren


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