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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Some say that unmanned aerial vehicles are certain to take over the role played by today`s fighters. Then you have those saying that aircrafts of the sixth generation are likely to be unmanned. What we can say in absolute certainty, is that unmanned aerial vehicles are gradually taking over several tasks in missions where the fighter jet before was superior. Some models of the UAV are always armed with missiles and steered bombs. They are capable of waiting for hours over an area where one suspects the presence of a terrorist, and then to immediately eliminate him in the moment he takes a step outside. However, the step from there to completely taking over all roles played by fighters is a long one, a role containing of total domination of air combats and missions.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are not new to the market. Already during World War 1 , one took use of remote controlled, unmanned aircrafts. They were equipped in the ways of flying torpedoes, as we look back perhaps more a part of the class holding cruise missiles of today. Some of the aircrafts was developed with the purpose of attacking the German Zeppelins.

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